Personal Reflections Custom Sandblasted Glassware is about us etching a part of someone's personality onto glass. It's meaningful and fun to pick up a glass, or have a piece of glass (like a vase, plate, decanter, etc.), that has a reflection of you on it - a hobby, favourite activity, sport or team, a humorous saying, something pet-oriented, a memorable event... We can etch just about anything onto glass.


Browse the gallery below to see samples of what we've previously sandblasted for customers.  These images can be sandblasted on anything seen on the Glassware page. If you have a design in mind that you don't see shoot us an email and we will sandblast it for you!  

PR Glass Short Fishing 1.jpg


PR Girls Wanna Have Wine.jpg


PR Horse and Rider Collection.jpg


Flyfisher Female.jpg

Outdoor Recreation

PR Samples.jpg

Pet Related



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