Glass is beautiful and versatile, with the ability to reflect and diffuse light unlike any other medium.  The art of sandblasting onto glass provides an exciting opportunity to personalize glassware with images, inspirational or humorous quotes, logos, and just about any type of design...  


Personal Reflections Custom Sandblasted Glassware creates custom sand-blasted glassware with original art. In addition to our popular designs, our specialty is working with customers to create that custom image that will be etched on their choice of glassware and reflect their personality or passion. We etch many styles of drinkware - wine, beer, martini, highball or your glass of choice, as well as mini treat jars, plates, coasters, vases, small windows and much more.  Our sand-blasted giftware is individually touched to create a unique item each time and all items are produced at our studio in the seaside community of Fanny Bay B.C. Contact us with your idea, we’d love to etch it for you!   

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When Keir & Tammy aren't busy designing and sandblasting glass for their valued customers, or working on one of the many other aspects of Personal Reflections, they are either enjoying time with their horses - Sonny, Ace & Pivot, their dogs - Rancher & River or are busy nurturing any one of a number of their passions at their home on the Riding For Freedom Ranch.  

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